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Sport Sciences and Physical Education Journal is ascientific, periodical and peer-reviewed journal. It is specialized in sportsciences and physical education fields. The journal is published by the Collegeof Sport Sciences and Physical Activity at KSU in Arabic and English under thename of: Sport Sciences and Physical Education.



To be a leader in publishing the scientificpeer-reviewed and distinguished researches in sport sciences and physicaleducation nationally and internationally.


It aims to interweave the scientific field withpeer-reviewed researches based on professional and international standards.




  • Publish thescientific peer-reviewed research which contribute to development of sport andenhancing the community health.
  • Interweave the Arabic databases with original researches insport sciences and physical education field.


  •   Contribute to raising the standards of Arabic language publishing and attract distinguished researchers to publish in Arabic language.

Scientific Publishing

  • Meet the needs of faculty, researchers for scientific publishing in the field of sport sciences and physical education locally andregionally.


Scientific Reference

  • Seek to be a scientific resource for the researchers in thesport sciences and physical education fields.
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